What is jumpGate?

jumpGate SRM is truly a unique entry into the SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) space, with a simple, free, cloud-based web application for businesses to manage incoming queries from solicitors, salespeople, and job seekers.

Who needs jumpGate?

jumpGate's SRM is a great solution for Gatekeepers in any organization that wants a close to real-time, quick method to handle cold-callers. As the business community continues to promote cold calling is ‘not dead’, jumpGate reintroduces the game at a different level that is easier for everyone to manage.

How does jumpGate Work?

When Gatekeepers and buyers mandate representatives to communicate sales offers and solutions through jumpGateSRM.com, they can quickly and easily ‘accept’ or ‘save for later’ the offer with a single click, and the offer and contact information is retained in the cloud directory of suppliers. And a great part about it all is the cold-caller is notified when their sales pitch is viewed, by which department, and if there is a next step or not. That’s when the jumpGate process is complete, and other complex SRM solutions can be implemented or continue, such as:

  • WMS - Warehouse Management Solutions
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • CMS - Contract Management Systems
  • MRP - Material Requirement Planning
  • PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

Why was jumpGate created?

jumpGate's SRM web application was created to help businesses streamline a uniform approach with approaching cold-callers and capitalize on knowing about every single opportunity that comes knocking or calling! At jumpGate, we know approaching others is not easy and why we have sales specialists. jumpGateSRM.com makes it easier and simple for people to approach others with an idea, while ensuing that every single opportunity or solution that is offered gets a chance to be viewed by one or many within the company. In 250 characters or less, jumpGate company members can rapidly move forward with offers or save it for later. Either way, salespeople get notified that it was viewed! We call these offers or promotions an ‘oppi’, the easiest and quickest way for companies to promote their products and services to other businesses! And it automatically populates the database of suppliers that reached out with an exclusive oppi promotional offer.