Who should use jumpGate SRM?

jumpGate SRM was designed for Gatekeepers, Buyers, and businesses that want a uniform approach to record and track suppliers who have a business solution to promote. Of course, salespeople, job seekers, charities, and who cold-call regularly presenting opportunities should use jumpGate. Sales funnel building has never been quicker.

Am I Gatekeeper at my company?

The Financial Times defines a "Gatekeeper" as;

  1. Someone in an organization who has a lot of influence over which products it buys, which company it buys them from etc..
  2. Someone in an organization who decides who should deal with particular enquiries and customers. Gatekeepers may also restrict who is allowed to talk to certain people in the organization.

If you interact with other organizations in any way, where the goal is for them to offer a business solution to your company, you can consider yourself a Gatekeeper :)

In order for me to organize my SRM or database in the jumpGate cloud with potential and current suppliers, do I have to input their details like our salespeople do in our CRM?

No. One of the great features of jumpGate SRM is your company’s exclusive supplier listing is automatically populated with contact details and the offer proposed to you.

How do salespeople and representatives propose their solutions and offers to other organizations?

It’s really easy. They register, create a very basic profile, then they are ready to send offers to other companies in 250 characters or less. jumpGate SRM provides companies the quickest way to hear an offer in the form of a digital "elevator pitch". With many vast and complex solutions offered B2B, we think today’s business people see elevator pitches more like an "opportunity pitch". So at jumpGate, we call an offer or promotion an “oppi”.

We aren’t the only company who can’t present our business solutions in just 250 characters or less, so why the limit?

Today’s business environments are getting more fast paced as each day goes by. Gatekeepers, Front Desk Administrators, SMB Managers, and Buyers, no longer have time to hear about EVERY solution or opportunity presented to their business. As a result, organizations often miss out on amazing promotions that could help them reach their business goals. Now Gatekeepers no longer have to stop what they were doing to entertain cold-callers, and research how or where to guide them in their quest to contact their person of interest. jumpGate SRM administrators are simply notified that they have an oppi to view, and when they do, they can reply with one click if they are interested or not. In either event, the oppi sender’s information is retained in the supplier listing for possible future use. And we have great news for you already! Coming soon, jumpGate will introduce a new platform for Enterprise business’ who need to communicate oppi’s in an illustrated manner. Stay tuned for more details.